Immigration services

Business immigration:

  • Getting a work permit in the USA business (non-immigrant visa L1/ immigration visa EB1)
  • Registration of a company in the USA, in the IRS tax and receipt of FEIN numbers
  • Assistance in finding an office and specialists for doing business in the USA
  • Opening an account with a US bank
  • Drawing up a business plan

Immigration of talented people:

  • Temporary work permit for people who have achievements in their field of activity (Visa О1)
  • Labor immigration of professors, athletes, artists and other people who have achieved high results in their field of activity (Immigration visa ЕВ1)
  • Assistance in finding a petitioner’s employer (calling party)

Investment visas:

  • Immigration visa ЕВ5
  • Nonimmigrant visa Е1/E2
  • Help in finding a regional center

English language learning:

Political asylum (refugee):

  • Assistance in collecting evidence, similar cases in the media, etc.
  • Correct compilation of history
  • Translation of documentation
  • Filling the forms
  • Sending the case and tracking in the future at the stage of the delivery of biometrics
  • Applying for a work permit
  • Household issues in the process

We also have a large network of partners around the world, which helps us solve related issues.