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1. These conditions are a CONTRACT for using the site and related
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2. We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement, without
preliminary warning or agreement. Introduced
Changes will be effective from the moment of their publication on this
page (Terms and Conditions).

3. The site can be modified, modified, or completely closed or
in part, and hereby you agree that the authors and owners
site do not carry and will not bear any responsibility, before
users of the site or by third parties, for any damage, direct or
indirect, associated with changes or deletions of the site or its

4. This site/company provides introductory materials, and
IS NOT A LEGAL ADVICE, consultation or any
other form of legal services. The owner of the site, the authors and all
Other persons involved in the activities of the site and its
content, are not responsible for any use of materials
site, and hereby you waive any claims, complaints or suits
to the owners of the site, the authors of the content placed on it and any
other persons involved in the activities of the site.

5. By using the site, that is, having agreed with the terms of this agreement,
you confirm that the information on the site does not replace
consultations with a lawyer, and understand that on all legal issues,
related or not related to the content of the site, you should contact
lawyer. Only personal communication with a lawyer can help you understand your
legal rights and obligations.

7. The user undertakes not to use the site with purposes,
to publish on the website knowingly false information, as well as any
information of a sexual nature, slanderous statements,
statements with racial, national or
social hostility and hatred. The owner of the site reserves the right
the right to appeal to the appropriate authorities and bodies of protection
law enforcement, both civil and criminal, in the event of a violation of data
rules for using the site, and in particular, not excluding the general cases, this clause of the terms of use.

8. The owner of the site and the authors of his content have the right to choose, based on
solely for their own reasons, a legal forum for
realization of their rights.

9. The terms of this website use agreement, as specified above, do not
release the user from any duties and restrictions,
imposed on him in accordance with the laws.

10. Use of any materials on the site, including links,
reproduction, partial or complete, translation, modification or
recommendation on the use of this site, does not give grounds
user and third parties for any claims to the owner of the site
or authors of content, and releases them from any liability in connection
with the publication of these materials.


The materials of this site are protected. This allows others
distribute, edit, correct and use as a basis materials
site, partially or completely, even commercially, as long as
They indicate the authorship of the creators of the content and contain a link (link) to
this site.