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Political Asylum



Political asylum is legal protection provided by the US government to non-US citizens who can not return to their country because they fear for their own lives because of a number of reasons:

religious views,
national origin (nationality),
political views (s),
belonging to a particular social group.
How to apply for asylum?
First of all, decide whether you are eligible for political asylum. Do you have enough evidence of your fears? It means, certificates from the hospital, reports from the police, photographs, witnesses … anything that can prove your fears.
Collect all the evidence, translate them into English, attach a story and fill out a statement in the form of the US Immigration Service.
Print documents with translations, attach the original form and photographs and send by regular mail to the US State Department. You must receive confirmation of receipt of your documents.
The State Department will invite you to submit biometric data.
Waiting for an invitation to an interview. Now the queues are big enough so that the waiting can go from several months to several years. An officer will be interviewed to you, who will be interested in why you can not return to your countries.
After the interview, the answer can be expected from a few months to several years
Advantages of political asylum
If a person is approved for political asylum, then he can live in the United States for an unlimited amount of time
You can take with you all the family members (spouse/children and children under 21)
Legal work in the USA
One year after the approval of political asylum, you can get a Green Card
Four years after receiving the Green Card, you can obtain US citizenship
Other state bonuses that can vary depending on the state.
Frequently Asked Questions
I heard that the only way I can get shelter is if I physically suffered (for example, I was tortured or raped) in my homeland. Is it true?


There is not one formula for obtaining asylum, the stories of all are different. At the same time, physical harm can be the basis for applying for asylum, and is not required for asylum. If you have suffered severe emotional or psychological harm in your home country, or you may be physically or psychologically harmed, you can claim asylum.

Can I apply for asylum if I am in the United States illegally?


Regardless of your immigration status or how you entered the US, you can apply for asylum. You can apply for asylum after the expiration of I-94. However, you must try to apply for asylum before the end of your first year in the US.

Can the government deport me while my application for asylum is pending?


You can not be deported if you accepted the application and it is under consideration.

My Homeland will know that I’m asking for political asylum?


This process is co-fiduciary.

How much does it cost to apply for political asylum?

Not at all.

Consideration of the case is FREE. But there are other costs – attorney’s fee, photos, copies of documents, forwarding, etc.

What if I do not write or speak English?

You can apply for asylum even if you do not speak English. However, your application for asylum must be written in English and all supporting documents

Not in English should be translated into English by a professional translator.

Not only your asylum application must be in English, but you also need to come to an interview with a competent interpreter. The interviews are conducted only in English, and the government will not provide interpreter services for you. A competent interpreter must also be objective – this means that he or she is not a member of your family or a person close to you.

I heard that if I indicate another address in the US in the application, not where I actually live, my application will be reviewed faster. Is it true?

The processing time does vary depending on where you live in the US, but you must be completely honest and accurate in your application for asylum, including where in the US you live. Otherwise, you risk losing your case of asylum. It’s best to consult an experienced immigration lawyer Barrister Corp if you have questions about how to speed up your case. In most cases, there is no way to get your business to go faster.

If I have been granted political asylum when my family was in another country, can they get a status?

After you have been granted asylum, you have two years to apply for a spouse and children
(Provided that you have included them in your application when filed a request).

When can I leave the US?

You should not travel outside the US while your asylum application is pending; otherwise, the US government may assume that you have changed your mind.

If you need to go abroad while your application is under review, consult an experienced immigration lawyer at Barrister Corp. before doing so.

If the US government approves your application for asylum, you can travel outside the US (but not in your country) only if you get permission from the US government before you leave the US.

If you want to travel outside of the United States after obtaining asylum, contact the experienced Barrister Corp. Immigration Lawyers with a question on how to do this before you harm yourself.

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