Visa for persons with outstanding abilities or achievements – O-1

O-1 visa is one of the types of non-immigrant visa that is designed for people who have outstanding abilities in any field of knowledge or skills. Implied – science, art, education, sports, business, as well as, the television industry and cinema. Another condition for obtaining this visa is the recognition of the applicant’s capabilities at the national or international level.


O-1 A: on education, business, sports, and science;

O-1 B: concerning art, film and television industry;

O-2: for the persons accompanying the applicants to the O-1. For example, if the work to be performed by a person with O-2 cannot be performed by any person-representative of the United States.

O-3: individuals (children or spouses O-1 and O-2).

Requirements and selection criteria

A person who demonstrates outstanding ability on the basis of national or international recognition who wishes to continue his activity in the declared field of extraordinary abilities may apply for a category O-1 visa.

Exclusive abilities in the field of education, business, science, sports imply a certain level of preparedness, which indicates that this person belongs to a small percentage of people who climbed to the top in their field.

Extraordinary abilities in the field of art are a high level of achievements, which is confirmed both by the degree of mastery and by an essentially high recognition.

Outstanding capabilities in the field of film and television industry imply both a high level of skill and recognition. The person applying for O-1 should be considered the leading or prominent in the field of the television industry or cinema.

The process of obtaining

Foreigners with exceptional abilities applying for an O-1 visa must demonstrate fame or recognition (nationally or internationally), namely, to provide sufficient evidence in assessing their achievements.

These can be considered as international awards, as well as the following evidence in an amount not less than three:

documents on the availability of awards (prizes) in the area under consideration (national or international levels);

documents confirming belonging to associations (organizations) in this field of achievements;

publication in specialized or professional media about the applicant (beneficiary);

proof of a person’s performance of critical or essential work;

evidence of a person’s high wages (present or future guarantees).

Period of stay and possibility of its prolongation

The O-1 visa is designed for a period of up to three years. However, it can be extended for one year (in an unlimited period). There is also no need for proof of the residence of the applicant (outside the United States), or in refusing to retain it.


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