Immigration To USA. How to get Green Card?

Recently received a regular letter from the series “How much is immigration in the US” … A person I never contacted has asked me the question – What documents are needed for immigration to the United States?

Repeatedly in my videos, interviews, blogs, and posts, I repeat myself and try to explain that there are millions of ways of immigration and for each person

Many people get their Green Kaweka to have his way, which is not like the path of another. But, probably on words to me do not believe, and cannot hear me ?! I do not know how to reach you, we will try again!)

So, the main ways to get Green Card are:

Green Card through the family
Green Card through work
Green Card through political asylum
other methods
And now we will talk in more detail …

Green Card through family in the US. Green Card through the family has the right to get close relatives of a US citizen – children, spouses, parents, etc. The further the relationship, the more years the process goes on.
Green Card through work
This is perhaps the most basic way of immigration.

Green Card through a job offer. You can have the right to become a permanent resident of the United States on the basis of a permanent job offer in the United States. Most categories require the employer to pass labor certification, and then already invite a foreign employee, applying for it. The process is almost entirely dependent on the employer and the immigration service, rather than on the desire and data of a potential immigrant.
Green Card at the expense of investments. Green Card can be obtained through investment / entrepreneurial activities that will bring jobs to Americans.
Green Card through a self-petition. This option allows you to become a permanent resident of the US people who have outstanding abilities, or they are of national interest.
Green Card through special categories of jobs. There are a number of specialized jobs that can allow you to get a Green Card based on past or current work. The hymns include Afghan / Iraqi interpreter, announcer, international staff organization, NATO6, Iraqis who helped the US, employees of the Panama Canal, doctors providing national interest, religious figures.
Green Card through political asylum
Refugees and people who are approved for political asylum can apply for a Green Card. It is advisable to do this during the first year.

Other ways of obtaining Green Card
Although most immigrants come to a permanent residence in the United States through sponsorship, family reunion or job offerings, there are other ways to get permanent residence in the US, for example: the Green Card Lottery; marriage with a US citizen; the LIFE program for those who have long been illegal in the US; Law Special Immigrant Juveniles (SSG); Destroyed spouse or child (VAWA); A person who was born to a foreign diplomat in the United States; Widow (widower) of a US citizen; An Indian born in Canada; a citizen of Cuba, or a native of the Cuban language; Informant (S Nonimmigrant); Parole Act Adjustment of Indochinese; Lautenberg released on parole; immigrants from Nicaragua and Central Africa – Law (NACARA); Sacrifice of trade (T nonimmigrant).

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