Immigration visa for professors. Labor immigration: EB-2 or second priorityнеиммиграционная виза в сша

Working visa of the second preference (EB-2) may be the visa EB2 be issued to the person, which has a degree (or equivalent) or exceptional non-ordinary abilities (corresponding to professional requirements).


Criteria and aspects:

Sub categories Description Evidence

Academic degree Work, implying a scientific degree, the applicant’s compliance with the necessary criteria Documents confirming the conferment of a scientific degree (its equivalent) – an academic entry;

US Bachelor’s degree (equivalent);


letters of employers, confirming the five-year experience in the field under consideration after the bachelor’s degree.


Unconventional abilities Ability to prove their extraordinary abilities Match three or more criteria *.

Refusal to represent the interests of another state Refusal of national interests is a document given to those persons who have extraordinary abilities and are ready to find work in the US to ensure the usefulness of the American nation. Self-employment is possible when applying to the immigration service, completing the form I-140 Compliance with the three criteria listed below, demonstrating that work in the United States is related to the applicant’s national interests.

* Eligibility criteria EB-2:

the presence of an official academic certificate of the appropriation of a scientific degree (many awards in the sphere in question), confirming the existence of extraordinary abilities;

letters that can prove the existence of ten years of experience in a given field with full employment;

certification in its area, the existence of a license to carry out practical activities;

evidence of the existence of a high level of wages, as confirmation of the presence of extraordinary abilities;

membership in professional organizations or associations;

recognition of the existence of a significant contribution to the academic sphere under consideration by the applicant’s colleagues, competent organizations, associations or institutions;

availability of other comparable evidence.

The difference between EB-1 and EB-2


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  1. Иностранец, которому может быть выдана EB2 виза в США, исходя из его принадлежности к лицам с высоким уровнем образования или исключительными способностями в науке, искусстве или бизнесе, необходим одному из правительственных учреждений.

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