Labor immigration: EB-1 or the primary preference

Talk about a work visa with the maximum visa eb1 preferential can be in cases where a person has some extraordinary abilities. For example, the possession of a professorship or a certain knowledge of research, communication, and so on. Considering a certain professional category, it is necessary to talk about certain requirements put forward to it.

Criteria and aspects EB-1

Categories Description Requirements

  1. Ability to exceed the average level the ability to demonstrate abilities (business, education, science, art, sports, etc.) through national or international recognition. Confirming documents must be attached. Compliance with at least three of the following criteria, or the availability of evidence to the achievements of an individual recognition. Without employer needed.
  2. Research or a degree in science Demonstration of international recognition. Three years of experience in research or teaching. Departure to the US for a position in its academic field. Documentation base and a job offer in the USA.
  3. Senior position in a multinational company Three years of experience outside the US, one year in a multinational company as a manager or executive director. The desire to continue working in the same firm already in the US The employer is a citizen of America.

* Criteria for demonstrating outstanding abilities for EB-1 (you must meet at least three out of ten for the applicant):

  1. Evidence proving the receipt of prizes or awards (both national and international levels);
  2. Proof of membership in the associations of the academic field in question;
  3. Evidence of the availability of publications;
  4. Proof of the existence of requests for the evaluation of any work;
  5. Proof of originality of deposits (in various directions) in the sphere under consideration;
  6. Evidence of authorship of articles published in any publications or media;
  7. Evidence of the participation of works in any shows (exhibitions, showcases);
  8. Proof of holding a leading position in the organization or company;
  9. Evidence of a high level of wages;
  10. Evidence of commercial success.

** Examples of documentary evidence on EB-1 (for academics):

  1. Evidence of receiving awards for achievements in the academic field in question;
  2. Evidence of membership in relevant organizations (associations);
  3. Evidence of the availability of publications in special editions references to works from other authors;
  4. Evidence of participation in the role of judge for assessing the work in the field in question;
  5. Evidence of the presence of a significant contribution in its field (scientific research or original scientific);
  6. Proof of authorship of articles or books in the area of knowledge in question (preferably international circulation).

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