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International company BarristerCorp offers a full range of services in the field of immigration to the United States. Experience, knowledge, and creativity are simply necessary for our work. We help in the development of the strategy, the preparation of letters of recommendation and characteristics, the search for potential experts, the identification of critical problems, and we provide support throughout the preparation process.

We provide a range of services for people who want to do business in the USA.

Our staff has extensive experience in immigration in the United States. For effective advice on immigration issues, we always recognize personal, professional and business situations, as well as the long-term goals of our clients for living and working in the US.

We are laid out to the maximum to make the process easier for you.


Types of visas

Green Card for Talented People

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Green Card for professionals

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Green Card for qualified employees

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Temporary work visa for businessmen

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Temporary work visa for talented people

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Political refugee

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Immigration services

Business immigration:

  • Getting a work permit in the USA business (non-immigrant visa L1/ immigration visa EB1)
  • Registration of a company in the USA, in the IRS tax and receipt of FEIN numbers
  • Assistance in finding an office and specialists for doing business in the USA
  • Opening an account with a US bank
  • Drawing up a business plan

Immigration of talented people:

  • Temporary work permit for people who have achievements in their field of activity (Visa О1)
  • Labor immigration of professors, athletes, artists and other people who have achieved high results in their field of activity (Immigration visa ЕВ1)
  • Assistance in finding a petitioner’s employer (calling party)

Investment visas:

  • Immigration visa ЕВ5
  • Nonimmigrant visa Е1/E2
  • Help in finding a regional center

English language learning:

Political asylum (refugee):

  • Assistance in collecting evidence, similar cases in the media, etc.
  • Correct compilation of history
  • Translation of documentation
  • Filling the forms
  • Sending the case and tracking in the future at the stage of the delivery of biometrics
  • Applying for a work permit
  • Household issues in the process

We also have a large network of partners around the world, which helps us solve related issues.



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Individual guarantees for our customers
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Many years of experience in the field of immigration
Individual manager at all stages to promptly resolve issues
Client's directions to the right way
We are an international company, so we communicate at a time convenient for you

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